What to Expect as a Client of AMR  Therapy

You have the right to feel safe and heard in therapy. Expect to be treated professionally and respectfully. AMR Mental Health Therapy follows all legal and ethical guidelines in the practice of psychotherapy. Therapy should address your needs, goals, and concerns. Expect to have a competent provider experienced in your therapeutic goals. If you’re going to be seeking therapy, you want to feel comfortable to share openly and honestly without judgement. Expect to feel comfortable and be accepted. If you do not feel like AMR Mental Health Therapy is a good fit for you, referrals will be graciously given to other more appropriate providers.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Once you contact AMR Mental Health Therapy expect a response within 48 hours, if you need help scheduling an appointment or have any questions. You can also set up an appointment and complete paperwork on this website under client portal. It is free use.

How to Attend Session

If you haven’t already done so, log onto client portal and create an account. Please complete consent forms before your first appointment. You will receive a reminder 48 hours prior to your appointment, if you need to change your appointment please do so within 24 hours to avoid cancellation fee. At the time of your appointment, login to HIPAA compliant video https://doxy.me/amrtherapy for your appointment (also linked on this site). Please make sure you have adequate internet connection and a private space for session.  You will be able to see your therapist and hear your therapist in real time. There are no phone sessions, app sessions, or text sessions. Sessions are 50 minutes in real time only. During the first session, the therapist will complete an assessment with you. This assessment can take 1-2 sessions, this will help you and your therapist with identifying treatment goals. Therapy sessions are typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly to ensure consistency and treatment efficacy.

Getting the Most Out of Your Therapy Sessions

Therapy works best as a partnership. Tell your therapist your therapy goals and what changes you would like to make in your life. Be open to new ideas and behaviors, don’t quit because it gets hard. Therapy is hard, but it is also rewarding. However, if you feel like you are not making progress or feel uncertain speak to your therapist. AMR Mental Health Therapy wants to know what is working for you and not working for you in session. If you’re still uncertain, ask for a referral. AMR Mental Health Therapy understands that not everyone is a good fit. The goal is for you to receive appropriate help. Most importantly, be open and honest the real change comes from authentic sharing. Utilize what you learn from therapy in your life, it doesn’t work if you don’t at least try to implement change. Be patient with yourself, all change takes time.

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