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Best therapist I’ve ever had!! Thank you!!

K. Sigale
Therapy, psychotherapy, or counseling is a way to help people eliminate or control symptoms of mental health distress in order to function better and increase overall well-being. Psychotherapy can help with coping with daily life stresses like trauma impact, grief and loss as well as mental disorders like depression, anxiety and more. Therapy can also address all types of relationship stresses and help you improve your most cherished interpersonal relationships.


Individual therapy is one-on-one therapy. You, the client, will supply your overall concerns to the therapist and the two of you will work together to develop a treatment goal that’s appropriate for your specific needs.


Commonly called “Couples Therapy,” AMR calls it “Relationship Therapy” because relationships are unique to the individuals in them. We know there are many different types of relationships, such as romantic, platonic, family, friends, polyamorous, and many others. Relationship therapy focuses on just that, the relationships between people no matter the specific arrangement. The therapist will work with all parties in the relationship to help them sort out their unique relationship challenges together.

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