Commonly Asked Questions

1How do I know if AMR is right for me?
AMR is unique that we provide various services for mental health care to fit your needs. We work with you to explore how we can best serve you and not the other way around. We respond promptly to inquiries and can have you scheduled for a session within the week. We pride ourselves on prompt and proper care, which means finding a frequency, duration and intensity that works for you. Your needs always take a front seat at AMR therapy, which means not “finding way to fit you in” to a busy schedule
2How long should I expect to receive services?
It’s up to you! The length of service varies depending on your individual situation and the type of service you utilize. Some clients are with us for only a few sessions while others may continue to for many more months. As a client, you are always free to end care whenever you’d like for any reason you’d like. The choice is in your hands.
3How often will I have sessions?
It depends on your specific circumstances, including your needs and background. Each individual treatment plan is uniquely customized by you and your provider.
4How much will I pay for services?
Most services at AMR Therapy range from free groups to $125 per session for more extensive programs. However, we do offer a sliding scale of costs for people in financial hardship. We believe mental health should be a priority for everyone, no matter how much you make.
5Does AMR accept insurance?
You don’t need it. We believe insurance can be a barrier to timely care, so we do not typically work with insurance companies. We do our best to keep our rates competitive with insurance companies without having to comprise care. In some cases, we are able to offer super bills. A super bill is sent my the client to their insurance company after services are paid up front by the client. In some cases the insurer will pay some or all of the cost of your services. Please be sure to ask our consult team about the super bill provisions before services begin. Once you have started as a client, it might be too late, as not all of our providers give super bills. A super bill is a courtesy and not mandated by law or practice.
6How do I schedule an appointment?
By contacting us via this website or emailing us at
7When are providers available, my schedule is hectic?
No matter how busy you are we’ll try our best to make it work. We work hard to accommodate all schedules by having providers with appointments available every day throughout the day.
8How soon can I have an appointment?
We respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours and commonly schedule your first appointment within the week.
9What should I expect during the first session?
The first meeting is a casual introduction of yourself and our provider. We will explain how our services work and work together to get build a great treatment care plan that works for you. This is also a great time to bring your questions.
10Where is the office located?
AMR Therapy and Support Services is a virtual office. All sessions are completed using a medical compliant video platform working in real time that can reach you wherever you have internet access.
11Do I have to be live in a certain state to receive care?
If you are receiving therapy at AMR, you must be a resident of the state your clinician is licensed. We are currently all licensed in California and Nevada. Mental Health Support Workers can work with clients residing anywhere within those states with a viable internet connection.
12Do you provide text or email services?
We do not provide phone, app, or text sessions. Best practices indicate that you and our provider should only meet face-to-face and in real time.
13Is virtual therapy as effective as in person therapy for the issues I am wishing to discuss?
Studies show that virtual care is equally as effective as in-person therapy for most situations. There are some conditions in which virtual care would not be appropriate. If this is your situation, we will provide you with a referral. Otherwise, virtual therapy will allow you to work on self-improvement from the luxury of your own home without having to worry about traffic!
14How do I get the most out of my sessions?
Improving your mental health works best as a partnership. Tell your provider about your goals and specify what changes you would like to make in your life. Be open to new ideas and behaviors and resist the temptation to quit if a challenge becomes too difficult. Be honest - the real change comes from authentic sharing. Utilize what you’ve learned in your life and push yourself to embrace change, it doesn’t work if you don’t try to implement change. Above all, be patient with yourself and understand that all change takes time.
15Are services at AMR confidential?
In most cases, yes. The law requires providers to report a few specific situations. Your provider will review this in greater detail with you during your first meeting and it will be provided in the written consent form.
16Do you provide services in various languages?
At this time, we offer mental health services in English, Vietnamese, and Spanish
Very impressed with the professionalism and kindness of all the staff.

S. Davis

Immensely thankful for AMR Health. Thank you again!!

G. Morales

  • I had the privilege of earning my MSW alongside Ann at CSULB. Her warmth and passion for connecting with people and helping them is infectious. She was at the top of our class, innovative and ever ready to learn.
    Kiri Cohu
    Social Worker
  • I met Ann through a mutual friend and even though we live worlds away now, she has made a lasting impact on my life. Ann is an extremely insightful and compassionate person. Along with her ability to speak clearly and concisely her thoughts, she has the uncanny ability to listen to people and hear beyond what is being said. This is a valuable trait when it comes to teaching and counseling others as she is able to help people see the unseen and know the unknown about themselves and the world around them. This brings me to my final point about Ann. Ann is firm, resolute, committed and hold true to her beliefs, both logically and ethically. Ann would be a valuable asset to any team she is a part of. 
    Abe Madyun
    IT Security Generalist and Consultant
  • Ann is energetic and has a great personality. She is someone I feel comfortable around and want to tell my problems to. She helped me thru my time of need and I can't thank her enough.Ann is highly recommended in my books.
    Kenny Hsi
    CEO for Advanced Creative Gaming
  • I have known Ann for nearly three years. I have heard first hand from her clients how well she has supported and facilitated growth through her therapeutic practice. Ann develops a healthy therapeutic relationship with her clients and takes an individualized approach to helping them discover their path to personal development.
    KC West
    Owner at A Balanced You Wellness Center, Owner/LCSW at Clinical Counseling Services
  • I am always impressed with Ann's thoughtfulness and compassion. Ann is able to utilize her intelligence to think deeply about the issues that we face in the social work field. When combined with her compassion and dedication to working with and empowering others it is a powerful combination which allows her to work with people in a meaningful and effective way. In Addition, Ann brings a willingness to work with difficult situations and populations. She is not afraid to address clinical or ethical issues. These qualities come together to make Ann a fantastic social worker and someone whom I am proud to say is part of my profession.
    Andrea Sanserino
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor
  • Ann was a very engaged, curious, and resourceful student who fully participated and contributed to the professional development and support process of the applied learning in seminar. She was a joy to have in class. She demonstrated a rich respect for learning while she expanded on the real world knowledge that she brought with her to graduate school. I highly recommend Ann as a very competent, skillful, and astute social worker who uses her abilities to the fullest!
    Fredrick "Mike" Foster
    Emeriti Field Education Consultant, California State University Long Beach School of Social Work
  • I've known Ann for 3 years now and know her to be an engaging, and thoughtful individual. She is very skilled in her trade, but possesses the intellectual wherewithal to succeed in many roles, whether administrative, therapeutic, or even as an entrepreneur. She's wonderful to work with as well.
    EJ Rudy
    Founder at Sequential Tech and Design
  • Ann is a professional, knowledgeable, and caring therapist dedicated to helping the LGBTQIA community. She has a big heart and gives her all to her clients who are struggling being who they are in society.
    Nadia J. Charles
    I build business hubs on New Google Sites | Business Systems Strategist | Efficiency Nerd | G Suite Expert
  • Ann is a thoughtful, compassionate, highly competent therapist who offers pragmatic advice and direction you can use in the moment, as well as helpful, truly therapeutic space for clients to express themselves and talk through issues, as well as ask questions. I recommend Ann as a therapist to anyone who could use a mix of therapy with practical coaching and problem solving to get through both difficult and complicated times. Her talent lies in being able to hold space for the delicacy of the moment while guiding clients to see the big picture and what they can do in the meantime simultaneously.
    Ellie Tumbuan
    Equity, diversity, and inclusion leader building up others and their teams for a better workplace and a better world.
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