Empathy Ear

What are Empathy Ear Services?

Empathy Ear is a service that is provided by various peer support specialists who are trained, certified, and come equipped with personal experiences in the individual challenges that our client might be facing. A Peer Support Specialist is there to provide you with support and encouragement in your time of need. Peer Support Specialists want to help you get through difficult times, make progress on your personal goals and be there to help make your life better.

Peer Support is ideal for many different types of people in any phase of their lives. Our Peer Support Specialist will serve as a role model who hopes to inspire you to succeed while demonstrating a litany of obtainable skills such as: building a positive sense of self, managing life challenges in self supportive ways, acknowledging and taking personal responsibility for mistakes, learning how to be tolerant and accepting, building positive social circles, and passing on the rewards of helping others.

Each Peer Support Specialists builds a healthy, judgment free relationship that can help correct negative behaviors and show you how to self-fulfill your goals rather than fixing them for you. Above all, our Peer Support Specialists will be there with an empathic ear, an open heart and encouragement that no matter what you’re going through, they have your back.

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