Emotional Support Animal Assessment

What is an emotional support animal assessment?

What is an ESA?

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are defined as animals that provides support, well-being, comfort, or aid to an individual diagnosed with a mental health disorder. People with an emotional support animal are exempt from some housing and travel rules for non-ESA. ESA clients can have their animal in housing with no additional fees and/or reside in animal restricted housing. ESA’s may also travel with clients at no additional charges.

Would you benefit from an ESA?

If you have negative mental health symptoms, that are improved with an animal an ESA might be for you. Research shows that such people with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD or Adjustment Disorders benefit from ESA.

How does this work?

AMR Mental Health Therapy provides a comprehensive ESA assessment to verify that the individuals meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis. The assessment takes about an hour long and is completed via telephone. If you qualify for an ESA, you will be provided a letter verification via e-mail from a qualified mental health professional. In order for the letter to be legal and ethical, you will be given a mental health diagnosis and provided all necessary information about the professional.

I heard ESA’s are easy to get online, why would I go through AMR Mental Health Therapy?

Due to this abuse, airlines and housing authorities are requesting additional verification forms to be completed by the treating provider. These forms are created and distributed by the individual airline carriers and housing authorities. ESA recipients will commonly need a separate form filled out for each flight and housing change. These forms require the provider to sign that the ESA recipient is a current client of the provider at the time the form is submitted. Many states are now imposing fines/jail time for fraud and misrepresenting a service/support animal. This means that letter recipients must be active clients to ensure laws and ethical guidelines are practiced. This is for the safety of both client and provider. ESA recipients are automatically eligible for reduced session rates. Please contact to learn more.

It is recommended that you contact housing management and/or airlines to inquire about additional documentation in advance.

How often do I need to update my letter?

An ESA letter must be renewed every year.

How much is an assessment?

An assessment is $175 to be paid via credit card after completed assessment.

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