Coping Skills Therapy

What is Coping Skills Therapy?
Coping skills allow us to make sense of our negative experiences and integrate them into a healthy, sustainable perspective of the world. When life gives us lemons, our coping skills help us see this as an opportunity to make lemonade. Without effective coping skills, we can feel anxious, depressed and overall negative. Like many things that make us human, there are both social and biological aspects to coping mechanisms. Growing up, we watch and learn from the adults around us as they model how to respond to everything from minor annoyances, like a build up of dishes in the sink, to major crises like losing a job or a home. Perhaps the most important aspect of coping skills is that, once a deficiency is brought to our attention they can be learned and honed, or un-learned and replaced, to help us through even the toughest situations. Healthy coping skills can help translate fear and ambiguity into a sense of calm and inner-peace.  Are you are finding it difficult managing your stress and balancing your work/family/life obligations?  Have seemingly normal tasks become unmanageable and stressful to the point of not being fulfilled? Together we can work on exploring new ways to handle life's commitments. Source: Psychology Today

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