Free Therapy for Victims of Crime

Having been a first responder in the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, I understand the importance of receiving mental health care as quickly as possible after a trauma. Research has shown a strong correlation between mental health, trauma and violence. The mental health consequences of crime are extensive, and the traumatic injuries sustained can cast a wide range of psychological and emotional issues. The California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCB) assists with expenses related to mental health treatment that is necessary as a direct result of a qualifying crime.

What to Expect in Therapy as a Victim of Crime?

We will review consent, complete an assessment exploring life before and after the crime. A treatment plan will then be created to ensure we are doing trauma-based therapy to promote healing from the event.

We will discuss the crime at your pace. This discussion is to promote healing and decrease negative symptoms. I have no expectations but to be there and assist you.

We will discuss healthy coping skills in order to help you through emotions, behaviors, and thoughts surrounding the crime.

We will explore the impact of trauma on the brain and the healing process.

We will work through any specific goals you may have to help in recovery from the crime.

We will be a team to help promote healing, empowerment, and strength.

Working with AMR Mental Health Therapy

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an approval number.
AMR Mental Health Therapy will bill the CalVCP program directly. No out of pocket expenses.
Contact AMR Mental Health Therapy with the approval number to begin therapy sessions.
Or go to to set up an appointment and complete paperwork.

Apply for CalVCB Assistance

Create an application using CalVCB Online — a secure and private portal that can be easily accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Call the CalVCB Help Line at (800) 777-9229.
Download an application from CalVCB’s How to Apply page.
E-mail CalVCB at
Or contact AMR Mental Health Therapy with any questions by completing the form below.

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